Ministry extends distance learning until 27 January 2022


In view of the current conditions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the increasing number of daily cases witnessed in the current period, along with continuous consultation and coordination with the Ministry of Public Health and other relevant authorities, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education decided the following:

The attendance of all students in all public schools, private schools and kindergartens remains suspended and distance learning continues until January 27th.
The continued attendance of the administrative and educational staff in public and private schools and kindergartens, at a rate of 100%.
The second session exams in public schools will be conducted inside the school campus from 18th to 27th January according to the previously announced exam schedules. Similarly, private schools will conduct their central exams in campus according to their academic calendars while adhering to the precautionary measures established in this regard.
Adopting physical attendance for some year groups, as an exception of the above, at a rate of 50% of the school capacity, while taking into account the interests of our students and their educational needs and ensuring to implement all the precautionary measures established in this regard. These groups are:
Secondary school students: grade 12 in public schools, and grade 11 & 12 in private schools.
Students with special needs, in public and private schools.
Students of specialized schools.

* Please note that the attendance for the above groups is optional and up to the students and their parents.

Adopting physical attendance of children in kindergartens at 50% of the capacity, noting that it is also up to their guardians.
University and higher education students continue to fully attend their institutions physically.

The ministry affirmed its determination to continue the educational process by adapting to all conditions, and also reminds everyone that distance learning is an integral part of this process, and the attendance will be recorded. The ministry calls on students to fully commit to online classes for their own benefit and calls on parents to follow up on their children’s attendance of lessons through the distance learning system, and to keep communicating and cooperating with the school administration and educational staff.


Source: Ministry of Education and Higher Education