Common early warning signs you’re struggling with mental health and how you can take action


The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has released videos in five different languages — Arabic, English, Hindi, Malayalam, and Tagalog — that talk about some of the common early warning signs of mental health problems and how the country’s mental health hotline could help.

According to Katja from the National Mental Health Helpline, some people are experiencing signs of stress that are outside of the so-called regular levels. In these stressful times, there are few of the very common early signs that stress no longer might be just regular stress, she said.

Some common early warning signs when one is struggling with mental health or things that one might experience may include:

Having problems sleeping
Losing appetite
Feeling sad or exhausted all the time
Having problems concentrating
Withdrawing from social networks

“All of these things could mean that the stress is now outside of those so-called regular levels, and it may be really helpful to talk to someone. It could be somebody who you trust to talk things through, or if need be, the National Mental Health helpline is a free and confidential service and would be happy to receive a call to talk things through.”

The National Mental Health Helpline 16000 is available from 7 am to 3 pm, Saturday to Thursday. It provides a free and confidential virtual counseling service for people suffering from stress, anxiety, or a mental disorder.

Call 16000
Select Arabic or English language,
Select 4 for mental health helpline.

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Source: Ministry of Public Health on Twitter